One of the most common things I hear from spiritual aspirants, everyone from individuals in substance use recovery to yogis of all traditions, is this: I have been working on myself for so long, but X doesn't seem to get better. They want to talk about how to give up expectations of others, how to relax the notion of separateness, and how to love unconditionally. They also want to know why they're working so hard and still suffering with enduring patterns. My answer is always the same: Let's look at your boundaries. 

Therapists talk about boundaries as if they're essential. Gurus and spiritual teachers talk about them as if they're a mistaken perception. Has anyone explained to you what they are?  What is this thing you somehow need both more and less of?  

Boundaries are the basic currency when it comes to any interaction between self and the world. If your understanding of and personal relationship with boundaries are vague, you will feel unclear and stuck in your everyday life and on the spiritual path. 

Psychological development and spiritual advancement are interdependent, parallel processes.  This workshop will focus on how a personal relationship with boundaries is essential in moving between these two elemental aspects of the human experience. 

This one or two day workshop includes teaching, experiential exercises, and plenty of time for questions and attention to personal challenges.