boundaries for parents intensive

Every single interaction we have with the outer world is negotiated through our sense of boundaries. Whether it be in relation to our children, our friends, a stranger on the street, or objects in our environment, boundaries are the inner signals we use to help us navigate. Boundaries tell us when we are safe, how to behave, and how to adapt to an ever changing environment. 

When we are unable to sense our boundaries it can lead to feeling scared and confused, behaving in unpredictable or over-predictable ways with our children, and wondering if we're doing the right thing for them.  Having the ability to sense personal boundaries allows us to know ourselves deeply, feel clear about our role with respect to boundaries, and respond in accord with our deepest wishes. 

This workshop can be presented either as a one day intensive or as an in depth series. Teaching focuses on developing a felt sense of personal boundaries and the skills to communicate them as essential elements of conscious parenting. The intensive includes teaching, experiential exercises, and plenty of time for questions and attention to personal challenges.  




Class: 9am-12pm

          Break for Lunch 12pm-1pm

          Class: 1pm-4:30pm

Gain understanding and experience of:

What boundaries are

The types of boundaries

The functions of boundaries 

How to sense personal boundaries 

The role of caregivers in the development of a child's boundaries

The role of boundaries in discipline 

The difference between communicating boundaries to adults and children